Local dockside restaurant Thurston’s for Lobster is more than just a great location with a play on words. When Joy was a little girl going to eat lobster on the dock here with the family, it truly was a fisherman’s shack with a boiling pot, a few accoutrements to accompany your lobster, and a few tables beyond the counter. In fact, she didn’t much care for lobster then, and struggled to find something to eat on the menu. Now, decades later, Thurston’s has been “discovered” as well as expanded. We recommend the place to all of our guests — along with a tip to go an hour before you’re hungry, or to go for lunch. The food is great; the menu is expanded — and so has Joy’s palate, as she now definitely partakes in the “real deal” lobster-on-the-dock experience every time she goes. Join in! https://www.thurstonforlobster.com/