Eagle Lake Carriage Path in Autumn

Ring in the Spring

Watching the earth wake from its winter slumber in Acadia is especially refreshing at MDI. The salt air, calling gulls, chirping crickets and budding trees remind us of how much we’ve missed the summer after all, despite our winter fun. Rates are lower at Acadia Seaside Cottages to accommodate those among us who want to get a jump on that feeling of rejuvenation, get an advance on great summer fare, and enjoy the trails before the rest of the tourists arrive mid-summer.

Summer Season

All that you think of when you think of Acadia is available to you in the summer. Every Park resource, every aspect of wildlife, every shopkeeper, restaurateur, museum curator, play director, garden and community organizer is doing their thing. Sample all or none. And the wild blueberries growing all over the Acadia mountains are ripening as July moves into August — a special treat for hikers and cyclists enjoying the trails. Your only challenge will to be to select among the many choices in what becomes, all too soon, too short a time.

Fall Foliage

Blue skies, white clouds, emerald water and bright orange trees make fall foliage in Mt. Desert Island like walking onto a painter’s canvas. Smell the bracing salt air. Every autumn season, thousands of people come to Acadia to see the explosion of color in the Park’s forests. There are pockets of deciduous trees among the firs that change to rich shades of red, orange, and yellow in the fall. There can be some of the most rewarding hiking of the season this time of year.